Print Ad Design Review: Clean and Effective (with 5 Tips) Print Ad Design Review: Clean and Effective (with 5 Tips)

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0 Print Ad Design Review Clean and Effective (with 5 Tips)

Advertisment Source: Hindustan Times, Times of India & Image credit: ImagesBazaar

Tips for Designing Effective Print Advertisements Print Ad Design Review: Clean and Effective (with 5 Tips)


Print advertisements are an essential part of any marketing campaign. The design of the ad plays a crucial role in making it stand out and grab the reader's attention. In this review, we will analyze the recent print advertisement of published in Hindustan Times and Times of India Delhi edition.

1.    The Big Image of Sandeep Maheshwari

The ad features a big image of Sandeep Maheshwari, Founder, and CEO of, along with a small message from him. The design of the ad is simple, with a focus on the image of the founder, making it the center of attention. The use of negative space around the image ensures that the ad is not cluttered and easy to read.

2.    The Use of Negative Space in the Ad Design

The message from the founder is placed in above the image, making it stand out. The use of a different font and color for the message also adds to its visibility. The message itself is short and to the point, emphasizing the importance of visual communication in today's world.

3.    The Headline and Subheadings of the Ad

The rest of the editorial ad is dedicated to showcasing the features and benefits of in a short paragraphs makes it easy to read and understand. The subheadings are informative and give the reader a clear idea of what offers.

4.    The Call-to-Action in the Ad

The design of the ad is clean and minimalistic, with a focus on the key message. The use of contrasting colors for the message and the subheadings makes them stand out and draws the reader's attention.

5.    Effectiveness of the Print Advertisement Design

Overall, the print advertisement design of is effective in conveying the message. The use of a big image of the founder, clean design, and informative text makes the ad engaging and memorable.

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